Reasons to update your website MC Creative Group blog

Reasons It’s Time to Update Your Website

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Reasons It’s Time to Update Your Website

Reasons to update your website MC Creative Group blog

Many businesses assume their website is a one-time deal. All you have to do is invest in it once and it works forever, right? Unfortunately, with the constant evolution of technology, this is not true. Websites require routine maintenance and updates to stay secure and current. But unlike a leaking roof, knowing when it’s time to refresh your website may not be so obvious. For the sake of good web design and just for you, here are our top 9 reasons that it’s time to update your website.


1. Outdated or Untrustworthy Design 

There’s something to be said about a beautiful website. It’s inviting, informative, and pleasant to interact with. However, this is not the case with dated web designs. They’re boring and fail to capture the attention of visitors. Not to mention, they make the visitor feel like the website has been abandoned. So, how can they trust that your information is recent and comprehensive? An outdated design makes a visitor think, "If the business can’t even bother to update their website with relevant information and design, what else do they do not care about?"

2. Not Mobile-Friendly  

It’s not an understatement to say that we use our phones for almost everything. This means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing a large chunk of your audience. Think of it this way, 51.53 percent of all Internet traffic is mobile. So why wouldn't you want to capture this traffic? Don’t risk losing valuable leads and upgrade your website for mobile users.
Mobile-friendly sites need to be standard for businesses. All of our websites are optimized for mobile traffic. With our design, your site users will have the same 5-star experience across all their devices.

3. Security 

Security should be your first priority. Your site can fall victim to hackers or be susceptible to crashes. There’s nothing worse than when a business's website crashes, and they lose the opportunity of gaining valuable business. Don't forget about the nightmare of hacking. Having a client's personal information such as credit cards stolen by hackers' damages business credibility.

4. Poor SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means that your site is easily found on search engines like Google or Bing organically. Websites with strong SEO are fully integrated with things like internal linking, meta descriptions, and keywords. A website that has poor SEO won't be discovered during relevant search queries. Don't let your website be buried on the 5th results page of Google. SEO can be a struggle for businesses. We implement the latest SEO best practices so your business will always rank on top search engines.

5. Poor Functionality  

There's nothing more frustrating than a site that doesn't work well. Whether it's a longer load time or a broken page, poor functionality means you lose visitors. A website has roughly 3 seconds to draw a visitor in before they click away. Poor functionality will result in higher bounce rates.

 6. Unbranded 

If your site doesn't reflect your current branding or is generic, it's time to hit that refresh button. As soon as a visitor lands on your homepage, they should instantly gain a perspective on your branding. Everything from your logo, colors, and typography should be consist of your branding.

 7.  Low Conversions

Conversions take place when a visitor fills out a contact form, makes a purchase, schedules an appointment, or subscribes to your newsletter. If you're experiencing a low conversion rate, it means your site design isn't selling your business well. A great updated website design will guide users to make conversions.

 8.  Lacking Necessary Features

There are specific functionalities that businesses need. It could be an online store or a reservations form. They offer users convenience and encourage spur of the moment conversions. If your business doesn't have these necessary functionalities, chances are your competitors do.
Whether you're a restaurant that needs online ordering or a builder that needs a floor plan search, we build essential website features. These necessary features can make or break a visitor's experience with your site.

 9.  Your Target Audience Has Changed

Over time, businesses can shift directions. This may include targeting a different demographic. Your site needs to align with your target audience. Everything from word choice to design choices should be geared towards your consumers. It doesn't make sense to use a rainbow color scheme and images of Legos for a website selling car parts. Instead, these design elements would work best for a toy store. Don't let an outdated website fail to appeal to the right audience.

As a marketing company, we speak branding. We know how everything from typography, colors, and layout tells your business' message. If your branding isn't resonating with your
target audience, then your marketing is useless. That's why we build each custom website to suit your branding and audience. If your business needs help with branding, we've assisted many businesses in this endeavor.

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